C401- Quilted Handbag: Available

C402- Diamond Monogram (Vertical): Available

C403: Diamond Monogram: Available

Quilted Handbag

Diamond Monogram

Diamond Monogram (Verical)


Racking your brains for the bag to complete your outfit?

Our new collection offers you simple bags in everyday colours to jazz up the look!

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Thinking of owning cute, funky necklaces? Or charming little trinklets to match your indie look?

Wait no more! Our new collection offers you both cute and delicate necklaces to spice up your outfit!

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As promised, here are the magazine clippings which feature some of the products on our site!

For your reference, the products featured (indicated by the coloured stars) which are available on Fashion For Her are:

(from left to right)
1. #5 Chic Cars (Cleo)
2. #3 Carriage Elegance (Cleo)
3. #2 Clownish Humour (Seventeen)

Own these cute, funky pieces right now! Happy Shopping!

Collection 1

Ever wanted a cute, unique bag that would look cute yet elegant?

Fashion For Her brings you exclusively imported, specially designed Amilya bags – made with great quality (every bag is designed down to it’s last detail), these bags add funkiness to your wardrobe!

Some of these bags have been featured on Cleo and Teenage magazines in Singapore! (We will post up scanned pages of the magazines once we get our hands on it!)

Now you can look like you’ve stepped right off the magazines – except that you’ve spent much less!

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Hello girls

For those of you who have stumbled here one way or another, this is fashionforher‘s first post. We have been in the fashion industry for a long time, and recently decided to add on this ecommerce branch to our business.


  • We will soon be posting up new arrivals. Do spread the word around!
  • We’ll also be working out several discounts on our stock, so watch out for them!

See you on our next post!

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